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Associate Member of ASM, Univ. Prof., Dr.Hab. Maria Nedealcov

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She was born on June 26, 1960, in the village of Paicu, the district of Cahul, Republic of Moldova.

She took her Bachelor degree at the Faculty of Geography (1977) of Tiraspol State University, then her doctorate (2000) and post-doctorate (2010) degrees at the Institute of Ecology and Geography of ASM.

Having been already Dr Hab. in Geographical Sciences (2011), University Professor (2016) she was elected as Associated Member (2017) of the Academy of Sciences of Moldova at specialty 153.05 - Meteorology, Climatology, Agro-meteorology. Ms Maria Nedealcov has been working in the Academy of Sciences of Moldova for 34 years (1982), over-going all the stages of a scientific career: from engineer, junior scientific researcher, scientific researcher, senior scientific researcher, leading scientific researcher and laboratory chief to director of the Institute of Ecology and Geography of the Academy of Sciences of Moldova.

Her scientific interest is focused on the development of a new direction in Contemporary Climatology and namely the Geo-informational one. She strengthens a new direction in agro-climatic regionalization based on the estimation method through tracking and the Geographical Information System, and has also elaborated three climatic indices to be applied home and abroad regarding the degree assessment of a territory aridity, danger of excess rainfall  triggering floods and climate pretability for grape quality. Meanwhile Ms Maria Nedealcov has elaborated a series of climatic scenarios necessary to evaluate the food security in South-East Europe for the next years. There were obtained a series of digital maps embedded into some development strategies of the administrative districts on the territory of the Republic of Moldova.

As Director of Doctorate School of Geonomical Sciences, President of Specialized Seminars for specialties 153.05 - Meteorology, Climatology, Agro-meteorology and 166.02 Environment Protection and Rational Use of Natural Resources – the field of Geography – Ms Maria Nedealcov has tutored 5 PhD. The results of her scientific research are reflected in nearly 220 articles and 10 monographs, manuals, course supports and atlases.

Ms Maria Nedealcov is a member in the editorial boards for Buletinul Academiei de Științe a Moldovei, Științele Vieții, Romanian Journal of Geography of the Romanian Academy, academic magazine Present Environment and Sustainable Development of the University “Al. I. Cuza”, Iași, România; international magazine of Technical Geography, Cluj, România, and member of scientific boards for periodical organization of International Scientific Symposiums Științifice: Geographic Informational Systems and Nowadays Environment and Sustainable Development).

Ms Maria Nedealcov was decorated with state award “Meritul Civic” (2011) and the jubilee medal dedicated to 70 years from the creation of the first research institutions and 55 from the founding of the Academy of Sciences of Moldova (2016).

She activated as a national expert in the implementation of UNCCD “Support for the Implementation of the National Biosafety Framework for the Republic of Moldova” Capacity needs for Biosafety Monitoring, Inspection and Control (2003 – 2004); Proposal from the Secretariat of the UNCCD for the institutional support to the Republic of Moldova in the implementation of the Convention (2010); Climate change proofing the Danube Delta through sustainable land and water management”, funded through Cross border cooperation program of EU, implementation agency WWF, Romania (2011- 2013); “Climate Forum East”, Funded by EU in the frame of the Eastern Partnership, Implementation Agency - Red Cross, Austria (2013-2014); “Integrated Drought Management Program, Central Eastern Europe” - Global Water Partnership (2013-2014).


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