Provided Services

According to the Decision of the Government of the Republic of Moldova regarding the collected revenues of the organizations subordinated to the Academy of Sciences, no. 724 of 26.06.2006 with subsequent amendments and completions, the Institute of Ecology and Geography provides the following services:

  • Carrying out research, investigations according to contracts;
  • Ecological expertise of new domestic or imported technologies and installations;
  • Assessment of the condition of engineering objects and lands threatened by landslide processes, linear erosion, areolar erosion;
  • Assessment of the ecological status of the territories;
  • Assessment of the ecological status of aquatic objects;
  • Evaluation of the agricultural crops position according to the microclimatic conditions of the lands;
  • Thematic mapping of the natural and socio-human environment;
  • Elaboration of geographical information systems in different fields;
  • Research into geochemical processes of pollution with toxic substances;
  • Specialized research in order to select land for local/regional development;
  • Calculation regarding the delimitation of sanitary areas and groundwater intakes;
  • Express determinations of natural water quality (parameters, indicators);
  • Research in order to assess the danger of developing destructive geological processes (landslides, erosion, etc.) on concrete lands;
  • Ecological expertise of projects aimed at assessing the anthropogenic impact on the functioning of terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems;
  • Elaboration of environmental standards and norms;
  • Elaboration of tourist routes in the Republic of Moldova;
  • Cartographic works.