Asociația obștească ”Consiliul Directorilor Institutelor de Cercetare”
MD-2028, Str. Academiei 5, birou 340, Chișinău



The Board of Directors of the Research Institutes, on behalf of all employees of the public law organizations in the field of research and innovation they lead, expresses its full solidarity with the heroic struggle of the Ukrainian people for the right to decide sovereignly their destiny and achieve their European vocation. The cause of the Ukrainian people is right and legitimate, as sovereignty, territorial integrity and independence of the state are being threatened.

Ukraine is subject to an external military aggression that is not part of the logic of human civilization in the 21st century, and if security is not shareable, the insecurity of one state, one nation cannot be diminished by fueling the insecurity of another state, another nation. Our message is full of peace and understanding, solidarity and resilience, given that humanity is on the brink of an unprecedented catastrophe, mutual destruction is guaranteed when wisdom and responsibility for the destinies of mankind are sacrificed in the name of illusory goals.

Research institutes have established and maintain fruitful scientific cooperation relations with Ukrainian institutes and universities, the voice of scientists in both countries is firm for peace and development. We are fully convinced that the issues can and will be resolved through negotiations, and that debates will take place only at the negotiating table and at scientific forums.

The Board of Directors of the Research Institutes

CHISINAU, 1.03.2022