International Conference „Present Environment and Sustainable Development”, Iaşi 18-19 June 2021




XVI-th edition Iaşi 18-19 June 2021

Exclusive On-line


We are pleased to invite you to the 16-th edition of the International Conference „Present Environment and Sustainable Development”, organized by the Faculty of Geography and Geology, Alexandru Ioan Cuza University of Iasi, Romania, which will take place from 18 to 19 June 2021 - ONLINE.

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WORKSHOP: The European Atlas of Resilience. Multidimensional spatial approaches of resilience
Over the last decades, the resilience concept became very popular in many fields, from ecology and environmental sciences to economics, sociology and geography. Territories are subject to an increasing number of threats – both natural and human-induced that manifest themselves differently in each area. Spatial resilience allows the evaluation of place-specific consequences of various shocks, while simultaneously integrating the analysis of consequent resistance, adaptation and transformation of the territory to these inherent perturbations.
The workshop is an opportunity to discuss the spatial premises of resilience in European Union, by assessing the preliminary draft results of The Atlas of Resilience one of the future outcomes of ReGrowEU (Advancing ground-breaking research in regional growth and development theories, through a resilience approach: towards a convergent, balanced and sustainable European Union) project. The multidisciplinary studies include approaches for various fields, assessing different types of resilience, such as Individual, Social, Economic, Environmental, Institutional and Geopolitical perspectives on responding and recovering from crises.
However, the workshop is also open to any theoretical or empirical proposal that aims at advancing the understanding of the spatial dimension of regional resilience to environmental, economic, social or geopolitical shocks.